Over 45 articles about Gordon are provided below.  They include articles written by Gordon, newspaper reports on his demonstrations, transcripts of his sittings with the well-known spirit guide Silver Birch and a selection of presidential messages from his period as President of the Spiritualists National Union (SNU).  If you have any articles about Gordon which we do not have, we would love to get a copy to share.

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Articles By Gordon

The following articles were written by Gordon himself:

The Spirit in Spiritualism
Spiritualism Has the Facts of Life
The Potent Power of Prayer 
Entering the New Age 
Spiritualism Can Unite Nations 
Let’s Expand Our Religion 
Open Letter – Let’s Remember Our Pioneers 
We Are The Sons of God 

Articles About Gordon

The following articles were written about Gordon:

Biography of Gordon – by Martin Twycross
Gordon Higginson Remembered – by Lew Sutton
Gordon Higginson Remembered – Psychic News Article [External Link]
Memoirs of Physical Phenomena Week 
Gordon Higginson – His Final Interview 
Gordon Higginson Memoir – by Jean Bassett 
Gordon Higginson Memoir – by Eric Hatton 
The Other Side of Higginson – by Derek Everitt 1964  NEW

Newspaper Reports – Demonstrations

Here are a number of newspaper reports about Gordon’s demonstrations (in date order):

Unusual Names All Confirmed 1949  NEW
Young Parkins Recollects 1949  NEW
Report on Longton Town Hall Demonstration 1949
Report on Demonstration in Belgium 1953
Brother and Sister Died Within a Month – Come Back Together 1953  NEW
Mystery Test For a Medium 1959  NEW
SNU is Losing Over £1,000 Per Year (Demonstration Report) 1961  NEW
His Clairvoyance Has Fascinating Spirit Technique by Maurice Barbanell 1972  
When a Clairvoyant Knows He Must Be Right by Maurice Barbanell 1973
Higginson Triumphs at Albert Hall Service 1975  NEW  

Newspaper Reports – Physical Mediumship

Here are a number of newspaper reports about Gordon’s physical mediumship:

Glasgow Physical Séance Makes History 1972 
Materialisation and Medium Appear Together 1972 NEW
Materialisation Seance Astounds Sitters 1972 NEW
I Saw and Touched Materialised Form 1972 NEW
Electrocuted in New Zealand – He Returns at an Essex Materialisation Seance 1972 NEW
Materialised Form Walks Nine Feet 1974 NEW
Psychic News Report on Physical Séance 1974
A Neglected Orange Blossom Tree 1976 
Gordon Gets Burnt 1977  NEW

Trance Addresses

Here are some transcripts of words spoken by his guides whilst in trance:

Choo Chow Trance Address 1988
Light Trance Address 1992

Audio Transcripts

Here are some transcripts of Gordon’s audios and lectures:

Finding the Spirit Within  

Sittings with Silver Birch

Gordon sat on several occasions with Silver Birch, the spirit guide of Maurice Barbanell.  During these sittings, the guide would give advice and guidance to the sitters.  Transcriptions of Gordon’s sittings with Silver Birch are given below:

Silver Birch Sitting 1967 
Silver Birch Sitting 1971 (with Leslie Flint present) 
Silver Birch Sitting 1980

Presidential Addresses and Messages

As the President of the Spiritualist’s National Union, Gordon used his role as an opportunity to spread his teachings and philosophy to a wider audience through powerful inspired addresses.  He frequently used his Presidential addresses at the SNU Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the New Year Messages to share his knowledge, inspire others, foster closer union amongst Spiritualists and further the movement of Spiritualism.  His addresses and messages that we have been able to obtain are offered below:

1986 Presidential Address – Pure Spiritualism 
1987 Presidential Address – Plea for Rational Spiritualism 
1988 Presidential Address – Scrapheap Warning 
1989 New Year Message 
1989 Presidential Address – Spiritualism is More Virile Than Ever 
1990 New Year Message
1990 Presidential Address – 100 Years On
1991 New Year Message – The Torch of Truth
1991 Presidential Address – Mediumship
1992 New Year Message
1992 Presidential Address – The Future

If you have any articles, transcripts or Presidential addresses/messages from Gordon which we do not have, we would love to get a copy to share.