Higginson Triumphs at Albert Hall Service

This article reports on the 1975 Remembrance Day Service at the Royal Albert Hall where Gordon Higginson and Coral Polge did a demonstration of spirit art and mediumship for the 2nd year in a row.  This was another demonstration where Gordon excelled in his mediumship using his gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance.  As well as full names and addresses, he even gave accurate phone numbers and car registration numbers!  The article is well worth reading and here it is in full – I do hope you enjoy it! 


Psychic art and clairvoyance produce superb Survival proof

For the 29th time, the Royal Albert Hall service, held on Remembrance Sunday, proved that the “dead” do not “rest in peace” but “return in peace.” Again the highlight, an innovation last year, was a double demonstration by psychic artist Coral Polge and medium Gordon Higginson who is SNU President.

Despite the bitingly cold night – many people huddled in doorways awaiting the hall’s opening – this meeting, the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain’s 103rd anniversary, was remarkable for its attendance and the detailed accuracy of the clairvoyance.

Communicators showed their continued interest in relatives’ and friends’ lives by giving full names and addresses and other astounding details resulting in incontestable survival evidence that brought spontaneous applause.

As Coral drew the spirit forms, Gordon beamed in and relayed communicators’ messages. This superb dual demonstration proved once again to be one of the most successful and evidential in Spiritualism’s annals.  Gordon, looking half a stone lighter after his five-week illness, and Coral worked in perfect unison with each other —and the host of eager communicators.

Recipients confirmed Higginson’s clairvoyance with statements like, “Absolutely correct,” “Quite right” and, time after time, a simple but decisive “Yes!”  Gordon was in top form.  His professionalism produced a demonstration of clairvoyance that could not be surpassed.

Anxious to Return

Coral began by saying there were many spirit entities anxious to make their presence known. Her first communicator came as “a very gentle link, a girl who needed pushing forward. “She has breathing difficulty. There’s something strange about her eyes. She hesitates to show them.”

Gordon picked up his psychic cue and launched into clairvoyance. “This picture is connected with a girl called Roberts,” he said. It linked with a Brentwood Terrace. A Bertha, still on earth, was also associated with the drawing.  These details clinched the communication for Mr and Mrs Joseph Hodgson of Lower Barn Road, Hadfield, Derbyshire.  Bertha, Joseph later told me, is his grandmother.

Well warmed up by his instant success, Gordon gave the relative’s address as 44 Brentwood Terrace. He was bang on target.  The Arthur mentioned is Joseph’s father.  Carefully relaying spirit-given details, Gordon spoke of a grocer’s shop on the corner of a Waverley Road.  Hodgson’s parents own it.

Reverting to Coral’s psychic portrait, Higginson said this was the daughter of a Mr and Mrs Roberts “who live on the corner.”  Joseph and his wife Janette took the sketch after the demonstration.  They plan to show it to the Robertses.

Higginson , who rightly said Hodgson’s parents live at 40 Brentwood Terrace, was “told” of an Elizabeth known as Elsie. This is Joseph’s mother.  Spurred by his brilliant hits, Gordon “picked up” a Hadfield, Derbyshire link. The Hodgsons live there

Janette called his clairvoyance “super.” Her husband added, “It’s so conclusive when you get things like street names.”  For Hannah Knowles of Fleet Street, Hyde, Cheshire, Gordon was “totally convincing.”

Name is Test

Coral began with a drawing of a young spirit form with buck teeth. He was rather conscious of them and also tried to smooth down his gingery hair.  Gordon said the sketch had some link with him because of his name.  He sought someone who knew a Gordon Higginbottom.  Other details given were an Alice, whose father was “dead,” and a Hannah who lived some-where with Fleet in the address.

A woman, who said she was Hannah, told the audience she knew the Gordon Higginbottom mentioned.  The 15 Gordon “saw” was part of her address.  The medium, who correctly added that Higginbottom had a son, Paul, was also right when he said Hannah lived with an older sister.  This, he was told, was the Alice mentioned.

Applause greeted the medium’s next string of names, John, Mary, May and Richard Matthews.  They live in Hannah’s road.  “I don’t normally talk to them,” she told me, “that’s why I think it evidential.”

For the third recipient, a man, Gordon began by giving the name George Hughes.  Someone connected with him had recently moved.  A 102 figured in the address.  “I moved two years ago to a house numbered 102,” said the recipient.  Gordon relayed a phonetically-heard name of Greg.  He was almost right.  It was Glyn.

The medium, who “knew” the man had two first names, asked if he lived near schools, universities and colleges.  “I live six miles north of Oxford,” he said.  Gordon then supplied the exact town, Abingdon, Oxon.  Also recognised was what sounded like Kegan.

Car Number Given

A wealth of detail came in Gordon’s next communication. He “heard” spirit communicators talking of a Muriel and a Sutton Road.  “I want to go to a house where there are two ways into it,” he said.  “I can see a white car. There’s an 887 or 889 on the vehicle.”  “Yes,” shouted a recipient.  “The car is mine.” Gordon correctly said it was parked outside the house.  He was told the number was 887.

The recipient said the Muriel was his wife.  The Janice given by Gordon was his grand-daughter. He also confirmed the medium’s statement that there was a caravan with three pennants.

Gordon continued his psychic tour of the area.  “Your house has no hedge or wall,” he stated.”  There are two ways in but no gate.”  These details, and the Sutton Road and Eaton Drive, were greeted with an “absolutely correct” from the recipient.  But Gordon had not finished.  “You’ve put some roses in the garden. They’re right on the path.” Said the recipient, “Quite right.”

A similar comment came after Gordon described a lamp with a pink shade the man’s wife had bought.  Still on target, Higginson described a room with two windows in the recipient’s home. The back window was twice as large as the front.  “Yes, quite right,” came the reply.

Politics featured in Gordon’s next evidence.  He sought what sounded like “Wingle,” with Welsh contacts, who was named after a politician.  The recipient, unknown to him, was Lloyd Geoffrey Wingle.  His first name was chosen because of Lloyd George.  Higginson named Wingle’s wife, Mary and rightly picked up Irish links.  The Bridget he mentioned was their daughter. That was the Irish connection.

“You live in a peculiar place,” Gordon told the recipient.  “All the roads are called Ways.”  He named three – Tillyard, Queen Edith and Spalding Ways.  All were instantly acknowledged.  So were a Woodman and a Huntingdon Road.  In confident form, the medium made another hit when he said, “You have been talking to a Mrs Parker.”  Gordon told the recipient, “You live near a school.”  Came the reply, “We are behind one!”

The phone number, of 2065 located a woman recipient.  Gordon even gave her initials, KMW.  A Barkingside, Essex, connection was also correct.  The woman told Gordon she received a Christmas card from someone who, as he said, lived there.  Then Gordon said he could see a car’s registration number plate. It looked like JHS.  He was only one letter out.  The correct sequence was JHJ.  But the numbers he gave, 689, were exact.

Gordon mentioned a Lower Road and lots of trees. “I live in Lower Road,” said the delighted recipient, “next to a wood.”  Now came, “Your house is named after it.”  Confirmation was instant. “It’s called ‘Woodville’.”  The Wilkins Gordon “heard” should have been Wilson.

Though Coral and Gordon’s demonstration came to its allotted end, Higginson explained he was being pushed by enthusiastic communicators.  He was almost correct with the Lynton Grove he gave.  It was really Lynton Crescent, said a woman. 

In his final message Gordon located someone named Plumb.  He rightly gave the man’s initials, J.D.R.P.  “Was there an Enfield, Middlesex, contact?”  “I live there” confirmed the recipient.  Gordon ended, as he began, with a direct hit.

Source: Psychic News, 15 November 1975


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