Unusual Names All Confirmed

This is an article from Psychic News in 1949 which reports on two of Gordon Higginson’s demonstrations. It illustrates the quality of Gordon Higginson’s mediumship and showcases his remarkable ability to get unusual and highly evidential names.  Feedback from the recipients (highlighted in bold) demonstrates the accuracy and relevance of the evidence and messages relayed by Gordon.  Here is the article in full and I hope you enjoy it:

Unusual christian and surnames were transmitted with ease and assurance during a remarkable clairvoyant demonstration by Gordon Higginson at the Longton National Spiritualist Church.  Typical of these were the names of Arthur Parr, Granny Mayer, Cain, Ellen Baskeyfield, Hebblethwaite and Goodwin, which were relayed from spirit during messages to two people who were attending a Spiritualist meeting for the first time.

Higginson first singled out a young woman and remarked that a Mrs. Parr, dressed in a blue dress adorned with glass buttons, was present in spirit.  “She says she is your mother, thanks you for looking after the family, wishes to be remembered to her husband, Arthur Parr, and sends love to Cain,” he added.   This was immediately followed by the medium referring to a Granny Mayer in spirit, who also spoke of Cain and Phyllis, and “number 14.” “Do you understand this?” Higginson queried. “Perfectly,” the young woman replied, with tears in her eyes.

To an official of the church she later gave her name as Phyllis Mayer, of 14 Stanley Street, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent.  She said that Arthur Parr was her father, Granny Mayer, her husband’s mother, Cain was her husband, and Mrs. Parr, her mother.  The description of her mother was perfect, she said.

Higginson went on to indicate a young man in the audience. “There is a woman with you who has not long passed over,” he stated, “and she gives me the name of Ellen Baskeyfield.  She is showing me a main street and a public house called the Hope and Anchor Inn.  She gives her love to Will and Marion and wishes that they were here tonight!”  The medium then disclosed that the spirit communicator was the young man’s mother.   “She keeps saying, ‘Tell him I am not dead!'” said Higginson, who relayed the additional names Hebblethwaite, Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Joe.

Interviewed later, the young man, Mr. Baskeyfield, of High Street, Chell, Stoke-on-Trent, said that this was his first attendance at a Spiritualist meeting.  Ellen Baskeyfield, he said, was his mother, Will was his father, and Marion, his sister.  He remarked that he lived near the Hope and Anchor Inn, as described by the medium.

Higginson later came back to the woman, Phyllis Mayer, and said: “Your mother says she knows this young man whom I have just spoken to. Do you understand this?” he asked. “Yes, it is remarkable evidence,” the woman replied.

A soldier who passed during the recent war gave excellent evidence of his survival when he communicated through Gordon Higginson at a meeting organised by the Drummond National Spiritualist Church, Wolverhampton.  

Giving his name as Peter Henson, the soldier remarked that he was accompanied by a fellow serviceman, named Craddock, and then referred to a photograph of himself where he was wearing the D.C.M. medal.

His mother, who was present, confirmed the facts that Peter used to “visit a friend at No. 73,” that he had played close to a public house called the “Red Lion,” and that he had ridden a bicycle without tyres. The latter fact drew the mother’s remark that she had spanked him for doing so.

The names of Eliza, Fred Whatton, Alan, Helen Smith, Eunice Packer and Charles Jenner, were then given and all recognised.

Raymond, another communicator, correctly stated that he had four initials and added that he wished to be remembered to a Mr. Hickman.

Source: Psychic News, 23 July 1949


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