Information Wanted

The aim of this website is to compile together all good quality audio and video recordings of Gordon together with all articles and good quality photographs, and make them available to everyone free of charge.

I am seeking the following  for inclusion on this website:

  • Video recordings of Gordon
  • Audio recordings of Gordon
  • Photographs of Gordon
  • Articles by (or about) Gordon
  • President’s reports written by Gordon
  • Transcripts of Gordon’s Lectures

If you have any audio or video recordings of Gordon demonstrating, giving lectures or talking, I would very much like to obtain copies for inclusion in this project.  Once recorded, I will provide you with a digitised copy of your recording as a downloadable mp3.

If you have good quality photographs of Gordon and you would be happy for me to post them on this website, I would very much like copies or scans. You can e-mail scans, or send hard copies to me by mail for me to scan and return.

If you are able to provide any material, I would be extremely grateful for your assistance.  I am more than happy to cover postage costs.

To contact me, please use the contact form on the Contact page.