Brother and Sister Died Within a Month – Come Back Together

Here is a fascinating newspaper report from 1953 which demonstrates the quality of Gordon Higginson’s clairaudient mediumship.   In this demonstration, he brings through communicators giving first names, surnames, full addresses, the relationships between them and even the name of a ship lost during the war.  Feedback from a recipient shows that the information given to her was very meaningful and clearly demonstrates the intelligence of spirit.  The report also gives us insight into how Gordon’s clairaudience works and how he has to listen carefully to receive the information.  Sometimes the names were slightly misheard and sometimes the first name and surname were reversed.   Here is the article in full and I hope you find it of interest:


A brother and sister who died within a month of each other returned together to greet their mother during Gordon Higginson’s demonstration of clairaudience at the Luton National Spiritualist Church’s meeting on Saturday of last week.   Gordon Higginson was sharing the platform at this meeting, which was held in the Beech Hill School, with Doris Greenwell.

Typical of Higginson’s style was the fact that the message involved several people.  To a man and woman sitting at the side of the hall Higginson spoke of the name Graysley.  Neither of them could understand this, but when Gordon referred to a Joyce, the woman said: “Oh, yes; I can place it now.  The name is Gazeley.”

“Joyce is a youngish person who passed to spirit,” said the medium, and, receiving recognition, added, “She is speaking of Christopher.”  “Yes,” said the woman.” They lived…” Gordon paused as he listened clairaudiently for the address, “they lived at Number 10…” “Yes.” “…Number 10 Ickley Close,” concluded Higginson, a statement which brought confirmation.

At this stage Gordon remarked that Joyce had met a Lilian Jean in spirit who was also manifesting.  Neither of the two recipients could place Lilian Jean, and the clairaudient added: “She says, ‘My mother is here.'”

At that Mrs. F. Elkerton, who is associated with the church, and lives at 492 Dunstable Road, Luton, called out that it probably referred to her, as she had a daughter in spirit named Jean Lilian.


That it was indeed intended for Mrs. Elkerton, who is related to the two previous recipients, was proved by the following conversation. Said Higginson: “She says that her brother is with her.” There was a pause, and he gave the name, “Frank Ernest.” “That’s right,” said Mrs. Elkerton.

“There was a tragic double passing,” said the medium.  “They passed within a little time of each other.  They were about the same ages.”  As the recipient confirmed these dramatic facts, Gordon said: “They have come with Joyce, who sends her love to Eric.”

After the meeting Mrs. Elkerton explained to our reporter the relationship of these names.  Eric, she said, was Joyce’s husband who was still on earth. Christopher was her little boy, and Joyce was her daughter-in-law.  As far as she knew, there was no way in which Gordon could have known these facts, she told Psychic News.

There was one short, but very evidential message, which Higginson delivered to a man at the back of the hall.  He mentioned a name like Acheson, which brought a response, and said that the communicator had passed on in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp after his ship – it sounded like S.S. Kirkdale – had gone down.  This was readily acknowledged by the recipient, who also understood references to a baker named Hyde and Dallow Road.

Several messages of similar vein were transmitted by Gordon Higginson in a three-quarter-hour demonstration.

Source: Psychic News, 17th October 1953


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