SNU is Losing Over £1,000 Per Year (Demonstration Report)

In this newspaper report from 1961, Gordon Higginson shares his impassioned views on Spiritualism during his address at the SNU convention.  This  gives us insight into his love of Spiritualism and why he went on to become the longest serving President of the SNU from 1970 to 1993.  It also reports on Gordon’s demonstration which, as always, contained some excellent evidence and some very clever delivery by spirit!  Gordon also shares that he no longer worries about what others think of his mediumship.   Here is the article in full:

But Churches and Members are Increasing

“Although the Spiritualists’ National Union is the largest organisation of its kind in this country” declared Charles Quastel at the SNU May convention last weekend, “it is losing over £1,000 per year.  Seldom do we appeal but somehow manage to go on and on.  The SNU has had to face up to the fact that the number of independent psychics and Spiritualists has been increasing.  However, we are now moving upwards,” said Mr. Quastel, “and are gaining more churches and members.”

The President added his belief that the publicity campaign was at last showing results. But he urged for more support for all the voluntary workers – like Gordon Higginson, the demonstrator at the Convention.

Gordon Higginson

Hard Hitting

Earlier Gordon took the opportunity of speaking his mind, as well as demonstrating, and came out with a number of hard-hitting statements about Spiritualism.  “The thing that is wrong with Spiritualism today is not the churches and not the mediums.  It has become something you can buy!  We cannot all be commercialised,” he emphasised.  “No one has ever paid me for my work.   I gave my bookings to the SNU for the last 12 months because there were SNU churches over stables and in backrooms.  It is of no use complaining about them,” said Higginson.  “We must give them our services so that they can build themselves up into larger churches.  We must have churches in every city, in every town and on every estate – and with mediumship that is not prostituted.”

At one point during his demonstration of clairvoyance, Mr. Higginson appeared to have run into difficulties.  He was getting names, places and people, but there seemed to be a different recipient who wanted to receive each separate piece of evidence.  Suddenly he asked “Are you all together?”  They were – a group of 34 from Luton National Spiritualist Church.

Secretary of the Luton Church, Mrs. Elkerton, was one of these many recipients. She responded to the name of Hawkes whom. she said, was her young lodger.  Higginson gave both the boy’s name, Jeffrey, and his father’s name, Thomas.  She also acknowledged the name Ratcliffe. “You know two Johns,” declared Higginson, “father and grandson, named after each other.” (Yes).  “Gallagher.” (Yes, neighbours).  “Gardiner.” (Another neighbour).

They Laughed

Then came the evidence that the audience really loved – in fact, it had them clapping and laughing. “Ratcliffe,” Higginson told Mrs. Elkerton, “is trying to get through.  She says to tell you to take the second figure out of the number on your door, put the other two together, and you will have the number you used to live at.”  “That’s right,” said Mrs. Elkerton : ” 34.”  “She now tells me to say ‘Annie get your gun’ – take away Annie, and then you’ll have the name of the road.” “Yes, Oakley Road,” said Mrs. Elkerton, and she joined in the laughter.

The rest of the group received plenty of evidence with the names: Alderman Neale, Councillor Day, Rev. Hobbs, Harry Hide, and Mr. Slade the milkman, and street names such as Dewsbury Road, Bedford Road, 88 Marsh Road, 158 Old Bedford Road, and so on.

Gordon Higginson used to worry what people said about his mediumship.  But as he declared in his opening address: “I don’t need anyone to tell me I am a medium.  I know I am and I am not bothered by what anyone else thinks.”  Judging by his excellent demonstration he has no need to worry at all.

Source: Psychic News – 3rd June 1961


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