Gordon always allowed his lectures to be recorded and copied in the hope that many more people would hear them and learn from them.   We are pleased to help in these efforts by offering many of Gordon’s lectures and classes below, and more will be added in the future.  Please note that the lectures were recorded on amateur tape recorders and the quality is variable.

To listen to the recordings, click on the play button of the media player below each title.  As the recordings are loaded from an external hosting site, there may be a short delay before they begin playing.  To download the recording as an mp3, click on the Lecture Title in purple to save it to your computer.  Once downloaded, the files can then be opened in the media player installed on your computer.

Must Listen Lecture

Spiritualism and Mediumship, (high quality)


Stansted Hall Lectures

Meditation and Practice, 1992, Stansted Hall (Compilation of meditations)


Meditation and Lecture on Oneness With God (Sitting for Spirit), Stansted Hall


Developing Mediumship, Stansted Hall


Development of the Medium, 10th October 1988, Stansted Hall


Talk on Circle Work, Early 1980s, Stansted Hall  NEW


Trance and Inspiration, 10th October 1988, Stansted Hall 


The Link With Spirit, 13th October 1988, Stansted Hall


The Power of the Spirit, 27th November 1991, Stansted Hall


Lecture on Physical Mediumship, 1983, Stansted Hall


Developing Physical Phenomena, Stansted Hall


Developing Physical Mediumship, Stansted Hall  NEW


Lecture on Trance and Trance Healing, 1988, Stansted Hall


Lecture on Spiritual Power, Stansted Hall


Lecture on Development, 14th June 1988, Stansted Hall


The Light of God, Stansted Hall


Lecture on Spirit World and Development, Stansted Hall


SAGB Lectures

Contacting the Higher Spheres Part 1 – 4th June 1976, SAGB


Contacting the Higher Spheres Part 2 – 11th June 1976, SAGB


Contacting the Higher Spheres Part 3 – 18th June 1976, SAGB


Contacting the Higher Spheres Part 4 – 25th June 1976, SAGB


Lecture on Power and Healing, SAGB


Other Lectures

Lecture on Spiritual Healing, 7th April 1975  NEW


Tutorial on Colour Assessment, 30th July 1987, Wentworth Woodhouse 


Colour and the Aura


Gordon Higginson and the Universe


Mediumship & Astral Projection 


Tuning in to Psychic Levels of Consciousness


Knowing When You Are Good Enough


The Light Within