We are lucky to have a number of interviews with Gordon where he talks about Mediumship, Spiritualism and his own life.  They make a great starting place to learn more about Gordon.

To play the recordings, click on the play button of the media player.  As the recordings are loaded from an external hosting site, there may be a short delay before they begin playing.  To download the recording as an mp3, click on the “Download File” link to save it to your computer.  Once downloaded, the files can then be opened in the media player installed on your computer.

The Key to Mediumship Interview 1981 (Very Good Quality)   Download File
This is an interview with Gordon all about mediumship.  It covers the development of mediumship and many different aspects of mediumship.   It is an excellent teaching aid and one of the best recordings of Gordon available.   It was professionally recorded so is very good quality.  It dates from 1981 and runs for 58 minutes.  It is well worth a listen.

100 Years Interview with Gordon 1989
(Good Quality) Download File
This is an interview that Gordon did with Jean Bassett for her book 100 Years of Spiritualism which included a chapter about Gordon.  In it he talks about much of his life and his development.  I believe it was recorded in 1989 as the book was published in 1990.  It was recorded on a tape recorder so the quality is not as good as a professional recording.  Nonetheless, it is a fascinating interview about Gordon and well worth a listen.  It runs for 1 hour and 4 minutes.


Radio Interview with Gordon 1990 (Very Good quality)  Download File
This is an interview that Gordon did on the Bill Heine show on 19th January 1990 for a local radio station.  Gordon speaks about mediumship and Spiritualism.  It was professionally recorded so is of very good quality.  It runs for 49 minutes and, again, this is well worth a listen.


Radio Interview with Gordon 1985 (Very Good Quality)  Download File
This is a radio interview Gordon did in 1985 for a local radio station in Dorset.   In this wide-ranging interview, he talks about Spiritualism, the difference between mediums and psychics, his own training and how his own mediumship functions.  It is of excellent quality and runs for 26 minutes.