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Here are a selection of videos about Gordon.  They include news stories, talks by Gordon, and others sharing their memories of Gordon.  The video and sound quality of these videos varies but they are all of great historical value.  To view the videos on YouTube, click the YouTube logo in the bottom right of each video.

Gordon Higginson News Story from 1969
This is a news story from ATV Today broadcast on 20th November 1969 about Gordon Higginson and Longton Spiritualist Church.  It looks at Spiritualism, mediumship and spiritual healing.  This is some of the earliest recorded footage of Gordon, who was one of Spiritualism’s greatest ambassadors.


Gordon Higginson Solves Pottery Haunting – News Story 1972
This is a local news clip from 1972 about a haunting within a pottery in Stoke-on-Trent.  Gordon was called in and his evidence identified that it was a former employee.


Close in Spirit Documentary 1992
This is a documentary titled Close in Spirit which was aired in 1992.  It was produced by the Spiritualists National Union and features a lot of archive footage of Gordon and others.  Much of the footage was shot at the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall.  This is a fascinating piece of archive footage and well worth watching.


Gordon’s Introductory Speech at the SNU Centenary Celebration – Wembley 1990
This is the introductory speech given by Gordon at the SNU Centenary Celebration Meeting at Wembley on 31st March 1990. His charisma and passion are clearly in evidence.


Gordon’s Introductory Talk – Blackpool 1991
This is an introductory talk on an evening of clairvoyance given by the late medium Gordon Higginson  at Blackpool Spiritualist Church on 12th January 1991. The evening was one of the first since Gordon had his stroke 6 months previously and shows that he was well on the road to recovery. The video footage was taken by Eric Williams.


Address at Blackpool Spiritualist Church 1991
This is an inspirational address in two parts that Gordon gave at a Sunday Service at Blackpool Spiritualist Church on 13th January 1991. The service was one of the first since Gordon had his stroke 6 months previously. The video footage was taken by Eric Williams.



ISF Conversation Piece – Stansted 1991
Here is a video of an evening titled ‘Conversation Piece’ with mediums Gordon Higginson, Robin Stevens and Eileen Roberts discussing their experiences. It was recorded at an International Spiritualists Federation (ISF) Meeting in the Sanctuary of the Arthur Findlay College on 3rd September 1991.  The footage was filmed by Eric Williams.

Gordon Higginson Remembered
Mavis Pittilla OSNU and Paul Jacobs CSNU remember their mentor Gordon Higginson, the SNU’s longest serving president and one of the finest mediums of the 20th century.

A Celebration of the Life and Light of Minister Gordon Higginson
A loving tribute to the life and light of Gordon M. Higginson MSNU held at Longton Spiritualist Church in 2013 on the 20th anniversary of Gordon’s passing to spirit.

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