About This Site

The ultimate aim of this website is to preserve the memory of Gordon Higginson, showcase his mediumship, preserve his teachings and make them accessible to a modern audience.   This website is non-commercial and is not designed to be profit-making.  Its main purpose is to allow access to information on Gordon, his life and his teachings in the hope that they will inspire and motivate others.

The website provides a biography of Gordon as well as many articles written both by him and about him.   The website contains videos and audio recordings of Gordon and these are free to listen to and download.  There is also a photo gallery with many pictures of Gordon.

The website has been built by me, Martin Twycross, as a tribute to Gordon, his mediumship, his teachings and his contribution to Spiritualism.  It is a labour of love and I have spent countless hours collecting videos, tapes and photos and digitizing them to add to this site.  I feel strongly that they need to be shared with the widest possible audience so that all may benefit from them.    I personally believe that most of Gordon’s teachings remain as relevant now as the time when they were first spoken.  

With this site, it is my goal to compile all good quality audio and video recordings of Gordon speaking, demonstrating and teaching and make them freely available to all.   Gordon allowed the tape recording and copying of his lectures in the hope that they would reach more people than just those listening.   This was laborious work in the past as each tape had to be copied in real-time.

I feel this website now supports his wishes for his teachings to reach a wider audience as old recordings can be digitised and made available to many via modern technology.   I am pleased that in the past 10 years, the video and audio recordings on this site have reached tens of thousands of people and will continue to reach many more.


I am grateful to the following organisations for allowing me access to their archives relating to Gordon as part of my research:

  • Psychic News – Spiritualism’s Monthly Magazine
  • Britten Memorial Museum (housed at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall)
  • SNU Head Office (Redwoods)

I am also extremely grateful to all those who have so generously provided copies of video or audio recordings of Gordon for this site, with a special mention to Eric (Peter) Williams who provided most of the videos on this site as well as numerous tape recordings and photos.  Thanks to the many people who agreed to be interviewed and share their wonderful memories and experiences of Gordon with me.   Thanks also to all those who have provided photographs, articles and written information.   Finally many thanks to those who have transcribed recordings into the written word.

 Without your help and assistance, this site would not have been possible.  I am sure Gordon is proud of all of your efforts.