Gordon Gets Burnt

Gordon Higginson often recounted that he had been hurt during physical séances on a couple of occasions.  This article in Psychic News by Maurice Barbanell documents one such occasion.  During a physical séance, a loud click in the room caused the ectoplasm coming from Gordon’s body to suddenly return.  This caused a burn to the solar plexus area.  Gordon also discusses this incident in his biography ‘On the Side of Angels’ and the relevant section is also reproduced below.   Here is the full article from Psychic News:

Gordon Gets Burnt

Was it the surreptitious use of a tape-recorder or some other electronic apparatus that caused Gordon Higginson to have a severe burn during his last physical seance?

This happened at Stansted Hall, Essex, on March 12th when about 60 sitters saw a display of ectoplasm emerge from him.

As his child control began to speak, a loud click was heard.  There was a silence.  Then a second control asked whether anybody had brought in a recorder or other electronic apparatus, which all had been requested to leave outside the seance room.

Because of this burn, added the control, his medium was being brought back to normality.

The man who had searched Gordon before the sitting was asked to accompany him as he left the room to verify there was a bad burn. This man presently returned and said that Gordon was blistered around the solar plexus.

Medium Doris Stokes, who was formerly a nurse and who was present, told me that not only was there this solar-plexus burn, but Gordon was suffering from high blood pressure.

Now I have used tape-recorders at Gordon’s physical seances, but naturally had permission to do so beforehand.  Can they harm mediums, or is there some other explanation?

Source: Psychic News 26th March 1977

Excerpt From Gordon’s Biography

Here is the section from page 66 of On the Side of Angels where Gordon discusses the incident:

“Another seance which went wrong was in the summer of 1976.  It was most peculiar; the seance was quite normal in the library at Stansted Hall.  There were about 80 people.  I had entranced, and the ectoplasm was emerging.

Cuckoo had started to speak when apparently there was a loud click.  The ectoplasm immediately withdrew and I was burned, not seriously thank goodness, but with quite a nasty burn around my solar plexus.  I left and went to my room.  Clairaudient Doris Stokes was present.  As she had been a nurse, Doris followed me and was able to check that it didn’t need treatment, but she said she thought I had high blood pressure as well.

Tape recorders had been used at previous séances, but always with the permission and knowledge of the guides.  Of course we never found out just what happened and can only assume that this was the cause, but it illustrates the danger present in every demonstration of physical mediumship where you allow people in on trust.   It may be that static electricity had built up in the room.  The guides said it was some form of radiation, but you’re going to take so many precautions when you demonstrate to a crowd.”

Reproduced from On the Side of Angels with the kind permission of Jean Bassett


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