Materialisation Seance Astounds Sitters

This is a séance report from 1972 which describes a séance with Gordon at Stansted Hall witnessed by 80 people.  It gives us insight into the evidential nature of Gordon’s physical mediumship and how ectoplasm is used and manipulated by spirit.

Our report of this remarkable materialisation seance held last Saturday is based on eye-witness accounts from two leading Spiritualists, Eileen Roberts, Union of Spiritualist Mediums President, and PN’s Advertising Manager, Margaret Wilson.

Over 80 people, mainly USM members, were present at the seance.  It was organised by Eileen as part of the third USM annual conference.

SNU president Gordon Higginson demonstrated at Stansted Hall (Essex) that physical mediumship can still produce outstanding phenomena in 1972.

His child guide [Cuckoo] materialised at his side in good red light, was seen to vanish and then reappear. 

Ectoplasm, pouring from the medium’s body, was handled by a reputable witness.

Messages from “dead” relatives provided convincing survival evidence to sitters.

She Holds Ectoplasm

Eileen described graphically how she watched ectoplasm pour from Gordon’s nose, mouth and navel.

She was allowed to hold it as it manifested in various forms; as abundant, draped, hanging, folds, “like cotton voile texture, soft but firm between finger and thumb,” and “a compressed mass gradually becoming smooth, hard and firm.”

At one stage, it hung like a transparent curtain through which sitters each side of the room could clearly see each other in good red light.

Gordon’s child guide manifested outside the cabinet beside her medium.  A diminutive, dainty little figure just over three feet, she said, “Watch me, I’m going down,” whereupon she vanished into the floor.  “Here I come again,” she said as she re-materialised upwards into a complete figure.

Moulded by Guide

An ectoplasmic substance extruded from the medium which she manipulated into a thick roll, stretched out on the carpet before the cabinet.

Then it was held aloft, fanned into yards of exquisite gossamer, which billowed down from six feet to the floor.  The phenomena took place with two red lights on either side of the cabinet.

Everyone could see clearly as the ectoplasm gathered and rose into recognisable figures.  Eileen sat at the left of the cabinet. Her husband, Stanley Garrod, at the right controlled the lights.

When Eileen asked if the guide could drape ectoplasm over her extended hand, she had “a wonderful surprise.”

It Feels Dry

Gordon, entranced, with ectoplasm streaming from his nose and mouth, draped over his left hand and falling to the floor in abundance, took Eileen’s right hand.  This he did with his right hand across his body and lightly stroked the hanging folds with her hand.  Eileen says it felt dry.   As she held it firmly between finger and thumb, it was “crisp, soft but rather like cotton voile in texture.”

The guide said she would demonstrate how the mould was built.  A mass of ectoplasm poured like a thick folded bunch over Gordon’s hand, said Eileen.

“As my hand was taken and placed on top of this, I tried to feel through it gently with my fingers, as if squeezing an orange.  “It was crisp, dry and emitted a crunchy sound rather like dried snow or starched cotton folds being gathered in my hand.”

She tried to feel Gordon’s hand through it.  Despite intense pressure by the medium’s right hand on top of her own, there was a solid mass of about six inches of ectoplasm in depth between her hand and his.

Making it Stronger

The guide said, “We will show you how we strengthen it.”  A long, twisted rope-like structure was formed from Gordon’s nose and mouth to below his waist.  This fell in loose, folds into a heap on the floor.  Again Eileen’s hand was taken and rubbed firmly from just below the medium’s chin to waist-level.  “My palm was placed towards the ectoplasm.  As it was firmly stroked, my hand was pushed against the rapidly-strengthening column.  I realised it was becoming more smooth and silky to the touch.”

Impossible to Bend

As the pressure increased she tried to press it firmly against Gordon’s chest.  “I was quite unable to bend it any further, even though additional pressure was felt on the back of my hand to assist me.”

The spirit child next demonstrated how transparent they could make the ectoplasm.

Gordon was brought to his feet with ectoplasm streaming from his nose and his right arm, extended upwards and outward.  It was draped along his arm, hanging like a thin transparent curtain to the floor.  Thickened folds came from his fingertips and down his chest, said Eileen.

All sitters on both sides of the room could clearly see each other through this veil, about four feet wide and over six feet high.

“Now we will lift his shirt and show you where it comes from,” said the guide.  Gordon stood just outside the cabinet with his shirt turned up several inches. Ectoplasm, in a “thick white mass,” poured from his navel and solar plexus area, down to the floor.

‘I Want My Wife’

Margaret Wilson took notes of the materialised communicators’ messages.

“Peg, where are you? It’s Dick”, said the first spirit figure to emerge from the cabinet. “It’s Dick” he repeated. “I want my wife Margaret.’

Mrs Margaret Foot of Park Drive, Upminster, Essex, was overwhelmed by her “dead” husband’s first Other-Side contact.

Spirit entities, speaking from inside the cabinet, added evidential details for the next recipient, Mrs Margaret Catchpole of. Elm Avenue, Upminster.

Though the two women lived in different houses, they had the same number on the door and three initials in their names.  This was accurate, said the two recipients.

“We have two men here, both your husbands” the message went on. “One man’s name begins with an F.  “The other separates into two – a pole and a catch”, a most evidential way of pinpointing Mrs Catchpole.

An elderly woman materialised next for Mrs Catchpole.  “It’s Mother” said the spirit form. “Today is a special day isn’t it?”  Margaret Catchpole later confirmed it was her mother’s birthday.

Husband Recognised

Another figure came from the cabinet, calling for Eileen.  Mrs Eileen Salt of Romford (Essex) recognised her husband.  Someone asking for “Nan” had two mediums, Nan Porter and Nan Biggin, on tenterhooks.  This spirit entity established beyond doubt he wanted Nan Porter.

Spiritual Association of Great Britain council member Leonard Jolly made an evidential contact with his brother who passed on a short while ago.

Source: Psychic News,6 May 1972


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