Spiritualism Has the Facts of Life

Spiritualism Has the Facts of Life by Gordon Higginson


Wise spirits who have lived on earth teach us that God is Universal Power not an individualised spirit. Heaven is a reaching out to perfection.

Man is a spirit being that survives death. Man is ageless with an infinite mind that cannot be destroyed.

Each one of us can find the life force within that can be used in every aspect of our life. We can love every living creature and find that we are in touch with the very essence of life.

By releasing the power of the mind and by directing it to things that are beautiful we can talk to the great spirits in the spirit world. We must remember that like attracts like.


We must learn to be aware of all life through our consciousness and link with the super consciousness. In this way we can think for ourselves and direct our life. We should not constantly seek the advice of spirit people who in their turn have learned to be aware to enable them to live their lives. They accept their responsibilities and do not call upon spirits from another world to live their lives for them.

Sensitives if really aware, and in touch with the super consciousness, could be of service in addition to linking with these in the spirit world.


Because we understand this fact we are working to unite people in fundamental truth, setting aside man made creeds. The Spiritualists’ National Union aims to bring into unity people who are ready to proclaim and live by the simple truth of Spiritualism. We aim to see an end to the fragmentation of religion. We see truth in all religion but Spiritualism can overcome differences because it is in accord with the nature of life.

Adding anything to Spiritualism is an apology for it.

Those who are not ready for Spiritualism should stay in their own religion until they are ready. It is where they belong, it is being honest. A Spiritualist can however, enter any church, of any religion and worship, without wanting to change it, because a Spiritualist can link wherever he may be with that which is God.

Men and women are spiritual beings that cannot conform to man-made creeds. God calls to us to play a part. Once we are brought into Spiritualism we accept that responsibility. If we set it aside then we suffer in conscience in the spirit world.

Spiritualists will bring happiness upon the earth. There must be a coming together of people who feel responsible for each other. We can create heaven upon earth. The Spirit world is already here; all worlds interpenetrate each other, nothing dies.


These are spirit people who can ‘control’ or inspire us; those who can work with us. They do not belong to us. They do not want us to exalt them. They are being of service. There is only one guide – God.

Guides often appear to remain as children for many years. We accept and love them as children yet recognise their great skill and wisdom. Their joyful nature is important in achieving the right atmosphere, relaxing tension and often introducing humour. It is clear that they are trained for the work they have chosen to do. When we have the opportunity to meet them in their matured state we are invariably disappointed and can hardly believe that they are the lively children we have known. Not all guides are children but all teach us by their loving service and co-operation with others that there is no colour bar in the spirit world for many, although by no means all, are of nationalities other than our own.

From ‘COMMUNICATOR’ Aug/Sept 1976.


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