Materialisation and Medium Appear Together

The following article from Psychic News reports on a physical mediumship seance by Gordon Higginson held by the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists in 1972.  What is remarkable is that it was an impromptu seance held in front of over 200 people and the room was not fully blacked out which is the norm for such seances.  Nonetheless, materialised forms emerged from the cabinet and were observed by many in the room due to the high levels of light.  Gordon often remarked that he had demonstrated his physical mediumship to over 200 people and this is the seance to which he is referring. 

Materialisation and Medium Appear Together – Spirit Forms Seen by Over 200 Sitters in Good Light

“I have never seen anything like it in my life.  Despite fairly good light, the white, shimmering ectoplasm was clear and bright.  Once the medium and materialised form were seen together.”  This tribute to SNU President Gordon Higginson’s “superb mediumship ” came on Monday from Dr John Winning.  It was this veteran Spiritualist’s verdict on a “surprise” materialisation seance last Saturday at the Glasgow Association’s HQ in Somerset Place.

It was announced as a direct-voice demonstration.  A portable cabinet was placed on the platform.  “It was an experiment and no one knew what would happen” said Winning.  “Higginson had made a tiresome 400-mile journey and was probably not at his best.  Nevertheless, a packed audience of between 200 and 300 people witnessed a series of materialisations.”

First to come out in flowing white robes was Mrs McConnell, mother-in-law of that fiery rebel, Scots veteran Spiritualist James McNee, who passed on six months ago after over a half-century’s service to our movement.   This communicator spoke to her two daughters and grand- children who were present.  She sent greetings from Jim – James McNee – and spoke of another Jimmy, recognised by the family.   

“There followed numerous private details that only the family could have known.  They were all accepted as accurate.  At one time Gordon and the materialised form were seen together.”  Fairly good light came through the uncurtained windows.  These faced a well-lit courtyard.  From the platform Winning said he could see clearly people sitting at the back of the church.

A young couple investigating Spiritualism had the thrill of being addressed by a materialised relative.  Announcing himself as John, he asked for Neilly.  His son William, whose second name is Neilly, greeted his “dead” father.   “What’s wrong with your face?” asked John.  You’re growing a wee moustache, but there’s not much of it, is there?”  The recipient is growing a tooth-brush moustache, said Winning.   Then came a reference to recent wedding bells and the statement that “Sandra will keep you in order.”  Neilly married Sandra two months ago!

There were several materialisations during the 45-minute seance.   Winning summed up: “Under the circumstances it was a remarkable demonstration of superb mediumship.  If the hall had been blacked-out or had semi-red light, the results would have been even better.  I have never seen anything like it in my life.”

Source:  Psychic News, 29th January 1972


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