When a Clairvoyant Knows He Must Be Right

Have you ever wondered what took place when Gordon Higginson demonstrated in some of the largest halls around the country?  In this article written by Maurice Barbanell for Psychic News, we are given an insight into the quality of Gordon’s demonstration to 2,000 people at the City Hall in Newcastle in 1973.  Maurice Barbanell was the speaker at this event and Gordon was the demonstrator.  Here is the article in full:


I still found it fascinating, despite having seen hundreds of public demonstrations of clairvoyance, to watch one of its finest exponents at work at Newcastle-upon-Tyne last week.  SNU president Gordon Higginson’s display must have impressed even the toughest sceptics among the nearly 2,000 people in the City Hall.

His clairvoyance combines the accumulation of striking details, reminiscent of Estelle Roberts, and the warmth of Helen Hughes.  Long years on the platform have given Gordon a mastery of style that is intriguing to watch because of the way that seemingly unrelated items all fit perfectly when the right recipient is found.  It is impressive to see his refusal to make anything fit.  It has to be all or nothing.

Persistence rewarded

He knows the information he gives is right, though he might occasionally be at fault when relaying unusual names.  When he is sure he has found the right recipient, then, should a statement not be recognised, he persists, just as Estelle did, until all is made clear.  The criticism that public clairvoyance is vague or general cannot be applied to his demonstrations.

“Why do I see a fireman and fire engines?” he asked.  The reply was that the communicator had been a chief fire officer – and the name Hall given by the medium was correct.  The fact that the person’s father had passed on, as did a brother, was immediately acknowledged.

It is Gordon’s ability to get full names that makes his clairvoyance outstanding.  When he asked who was Leonard Langstone, the reply came, “That’s my name.”

Mine victim returns

Did this man live near a church called St Mary the Virgin? The answer was yes.

There was an interesting interlude when he was addressing two people, not related to one another, in different parts of the hall, and giving messages that each understood.  They included a Mr and Mrs Payne who were returning from the Beyond, a son named Douglas, a Hamilton Street and Sunderland Road that branched off it.  The other person was told about a victim who was killed in Easington Colliery and understood the reference to a birthday, wedding and passing all coming on top of one another.

Wedding day named

Gordon was successful in transmitting the unusual name of Garesfield, which had a golf club, the fact that a man named Robinson connected with it was communicating, and his son, David John, was married on Easter Monday.

Loud laughter greeted the final comment in the recognition of one spirit message in which someone named Dixon and Newbiggin Road featured. “I live there,” said the woman addressed.  Asked if she knew the man who showed himself to the medium wearing heavy boots, she replied,'”I had to clean them.”

I jotted other outstanding evidential details and messages:

  • There was a Mrs Kindred who had lived by the sea.
  • A woman was told she had three Johns on the either Side, all related to her.
  • A man acknowledged the curious message from his brother, “You have a card and can get in anywhere with it.”
  • Mention of Grafton Road, a man who passed tragically, Mrs Thompson, her pub, The Lion were all immediately identified, except Gordon was told it was The Red Lion.

Praise must be given to Mrs M. W. Bain for her excellent, single-handed organisation of
this meeting.

Source: Psychic News – 5th May 1973


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