Light Trance Address 1992

Trance Address by Light, Longton Spiritualist Church, 25th December 1992

This is a trance address from Light, one of Gordon’s spirit guides who only appeared rarely but always came through during the Christmas Day address.  Light would give prophecy for the coming year.  This is the last address light made on Christmas Day in 1992 less than a month before Gordon passed.  In this address, Light prophecies the passing of Gordon and the end of Longton church at its then location.  [It was subsequently demolished and relocated].

O Lord, do we commend the spirit of this, thy child.  Gladly we come among you, bringing to you the blessings of our world and asking that together we bring Heaven upon Earth.

Here in these walls are memories covering a century of time. People from all walks of life have entered and prayed.  Whose souls have come through the veil of death, to reach the hearts and souls of their loved ones here.  So, two worlds separated by death, came together.  And so these walls, this building, was blessed by the presence of angels, who came to bring the message of life in all its changes, bringing with it the great message of the Divine.

And so this building comes to a close. Its history has been recorded in the Great Book of Life.  Inscribed are the names of those who have served.  The message of the Love Divine has been spoken along the waves of ether; has moved across the world.  But the time comes when all that happens comes to a close.  New thoughts and ideas face the world.  Channels of the Spirit will be made again.  We come with the message of Love Divine.  For change is here upon the Earth.  Throughout the world, the cry for peace is heard by the wise ones of our world.

And so they are born, who are to serve. And among you here are those who have been touched by the Great Spirit.  You are called to give, that the world may receive. You are called to build.  You are called to sow the seeds of love.  But you will not reap the harvest, for the harvest is meant for those who yet are to be born to the Earth.  We come because the message of hope is the message that the world needs.  The message to bring mankind together.

And so the world is facing change. Change that some want, and some do not and yet the fight must go on.  Great souls are coming to the Earth.  Great powers are being gifted to those who are chosen.  Once again, you will hear of the great miracles of the past being shown to mankind in these days.  For materialism is coming to an end and the great battle of Spirit is beginning to show its head of victory.

Great souls have come to the earth, waiting for the opportunity to be able to bring their message of goodwill.  And across the world, in every country of the world, will rise the mighty Spirit.  For there will be those that will speak with great tongues of wisdom, and bringing forth the great light, which will shine in the darkened places of the world.

But yet there are those unhappy periods still to take place. There are still those who will want to bring battle and bring horror to the earth.   There are still those that are waiting to grasp the power of nations.  You have passed through the foundation for a new world.  All the horrific experiences are the battle of the forces against each other.  And before the world can rise triumphantly in love, then hatred and jealousy and all the horrific things of the world must die.   The great powers of our world are waiting.  Waiting for you.  Waiting for your hearts to open and your souls to express the Divine that is within you.

So this Christmas morning, the Angel world, so close to your Earth, brings with it the powers of the great wise ones of the past.  Then this earth will blossom again.  All the gladness and all the spiritual freedom that has been won through the sacrifices of those of the past will come like the dawn of the day.  Across the horizons will come the light which will come from the world of the Spirit.  We reach you this morning to tell you that, although you will face hardship, yet there will come the clouds will fall away, because the light of the Spirit will shine through them.  We reach you with the power to tell you, to strengthen your hearts, with that which shall take you forward.  And let your hearts be brave and face the many tomorrows.  The world needs the power that comes from your soul.  The world needs the great minds of the Spirit to be able to co-operate with the thoughts of those who lead the nations of the world.  

We draw aside together the veil that divides two worlds, so that the power of the Spirit can flow through.  And you who have been chosen must be respond to that call.  For great light is coming to the Earth.  The darkness will disappear.  But there is hardship just ahead of you.  But once you have passed through that period of time, then there will come the great light to the Earth.

This building is coming to its end and new buildings will rise.  New minds, new thoughts, new experiences will follow.  But the memory of this building will remain.  For here in the Book of Life, among the stone and the rubble, will be buried there for safekeeping, the names of those who have sacrificed so much.  But from it will come the light that will shine across the world. For here two worlds meet and here mankind must learn the lessons of life.  

Across the world, people have been touched by the same power that came two thousand years ago.  As they saw in the past beyond the veil, so does mankind see today.  There will be those who will battle against you.  There will be the false prophets.  But there will be the great light too, that shines deep within souls chosen to work.

Before you can find and discover the light, you must go into the depths of darkness.  And so your world is passing through the darkest period, when all nations are crying out for light and for peace.  But the message has been taken up by the great souls and minds of those mightier ones.  They have risen and sent forth messengers to come to you and gradually lead you and mankind into the great heights of the heavenly powers.

These walls echo with the voices of those who once have walked this Earth.  Above you are the voices of those that belong to you.  Surrounding you is a power that has bridged two worlds.  And no longer is the bridge required, for now two worlds are one.  And you have to reach for another world, a greater world, a spiritual world.  A world beyond the realms of doubt and fear, where the heavenly hosts bring the power and the message of the Divine.  We give you the blessings of the Spirit.  May it touch the strings that lie within your heart.  Let your voice be that which comes from the being of the soul.  Let your head be in the sky of the heavens.  Let angel voices speak to you.  Then the world will become a great light in this universe.

We bring to you always the blessings of Spirit.  We ask always that you breathe in the power that your soul will respond to the energies of the heavenly world.  Seek ye that kingdom that lies within your being.  Let the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords ever be with you.

We come to you this day because this building comes to the end of its history and soon you’ll respond to another force of life.  But as in the past, there will be those who will remember.  The great hosts of the Spirit who have chosen to care for and to guard this building are coming to the end of their experience.  But there is a great power that will always remain.  A great power that will remain with those who have served, and a great power with those who have been touched by their loved ones.  For it is an eternal power without beginning and without end.

And the world that moves on its journey through space and time, it is a tired world, a world that is freeing itself from the shackles of the past, the chains that have held them too much to the past.  And Mankind must be free from those who have controlled for the wrong reasons and for the wrong purpose.  But the mighty world from whence I have come sends me forth to bring you the message of goodwill.  That you may respond to the higher power that lies within you.  Let your children know that there is a light greater than the Sun, that there is a universe of mankind and people, that this world is but a star in the great heavens of glory.  Teach your children to love.


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  1. Just researching for some SNU education courses. I read 1992 Christmas address with LIGHT. I felt a surge of love and emotion as I read this message even though delivered 27 years ago. How blessed the world was to have Gordon Higginson and his wonderful gifts and still to be able to hear those Divine words. The messages are still relevant today. Here they are still keeping in awe of the connection we have with Spirit; still reminding us of our duty and purpose; keeping us buoyant when life threatens to sink us. Reading this and the other wonderful messages from Spirit are really messages from home, from loved ones, from teachers. We can overcome all life throws at us when we can hear these messages from our Spirit homes. I’m sure many who have read these lectures and addresses will have seen Mr Higginson work on church platforms or in halls. I have been lucky enough to have seen him work on more than one occasion and so it was so nice to see his work still available for all interested to share. Thank you for this site.

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