President’s New Year Message 1989

I bring you a message of hope for the on-coming year.  Though our country and the world is passing through troublesome times, when every day brings with it a new anxiety, more threats and horrific deaths, our spirit friends encourage us to face the coming year with confidence, to move forward with our message of world unity – world peace – world brotherhood.

They tell us we have been chosen as the architects of the future and none can relieve us from our responsibilities.  No sitting, no circle is needed to secure us the aid of the Spirit World.  If we ask we shall all receive light and help according to our measure of receptivity.  He who works for the Spirit will receive from the Spirit.

Again and again we have been assured by our spirit friends that a new world has been born, that we are witnessing the birth pangs of an order which spells peace and brotherhood for all the nations of the world.  They do not say that there will be no more crises, no more difficulties and no more “incidents”.   Peace for all the nations will not descend miraculously out of the clouds, nor will the wars raging in many parts of the world come to a sudden end.  That which is built on force, oppression and tyranny cannot endure for long.  The human spirit may be subdued but it will never be crushed out of existence,

Science, materialism, politics and religion have all been tried and found wanting.  Between them they fostered a reign of terror, cruelty, bloodshed, chaos, misery and the slaughter and starvation of millions of innocent men, women and children.  The inhuman suffering animals have endured in the name of sport, cosmetics and science is both immoral and evil.  All this goes on sadly in the name of (so called) advanced minds and progress of the twentieth century.  Only now is the voice in the wilderness being heard.

But a better day is dawning for us dwellers on the earth plane.  Our friends from the Spirit World tell us that our prayers have been heard and that Spiritualism is a Plan engineered by the “Other Side” to aid in reforming this world.  Whereas survival after death was the belief of every religion, the intelligences who inspired our Movement made it a fact which could be tested and proved.  I do not believe that the Divine message to the human race was delivered once just two thousand years ago.  But that God’s power moves in many mysterious ways aiding and helping mankind in every age.   Spiritual giants have always moved among the nations of the world.

The purpose of Spiritualism is to make the people of the world see the plan of life as it really is, to make us understand that the world is ruled by natural and spiritual law.  Mans free will may delay the fulfilment of this operation but it cannot prevent their ultimate fruition.

There are many jewels in Spiritualism but there are many Spiritualists who never see them because they never move beyond the “gateway” of phenomenon.  Spiritualism tells us that, in reality, we are not physical beings at all, we are spiritual beings who have been given the use of a physical body for such time as we require it here on earth.  It impresses upon us that our existence cannot be bounded by any such terms as TIME and SPACE but that life continues, onward and upward not only in this world but in the realms of Spirit, where TIME and SPACE no longer exist.

Spiritualism does not only deal with what we call the “next world” as some people wrongly imagine.  It has a great deal more to tell us about this world also.  It does not confine its attention to those who have passed into the world of Spirit.  It has much to say to us about ourselves and our relation to the world of matter in which we are now living.

Spiritualism demonstrates that mankind is fundamentally linked by a spiritual tie.  Until national and world politics are shaped in the light of this knowledge, war, violence, unemployment, chaos, class and caste divisions and the slaughter and starvation of the masses will continue to haunt us.

Spiritualism can be, and must be the saviour of the peoples of the world.  Truth must prevail though it be through the stepping-stones of suffering.  Be not afraid, those of you who battle for truth, never shall Spiritualism be hidden again.  The years in front of us do not bring us terror and disaster, as many people believe, but a gradual awakening to all the truths which advance the evolution of the soul and aid humanity in its progress.  The tide is turning, as you will see.  There are many upheavals taking place in the political field of the world.  These are signs of the spiritual urge that comes upon mankind, the restlessness as they are swayed by a power they do not understand.

Included In the next circulation of the SNU will be the Plan I hope will help us all to move forward and fulfil our purposes and aims.

January 1989


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