Materialised Form Walks Nine Feet

The following article from Psychic News discusses another of Gordon’s physical seances from 1974 held at the Arthur Findlay College.  It is particularly interesting as a materialised form walked from the cabinet and spoke in Greek to his wife.  This was a language that Gordon did not know so is excellent survival evidence and demonstrates the presence of spirit.  Here is the article in full:

Medium seen standing with spirit figure

Outstanding survival evidence came at a materialisation seance last week when four “solid” spirit forms appeared.  One, who spoke in Greek moved 9 feet from the medium’s cabinet searching for his wife. 

The séance, held at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, Essex, was the high spot of the International Spiritualist Federation’s first “fraternal-week”.  Test conditions were arranged.  Medium and SNU President Gordon Higginson wearing only pants and a jumper was searched before and after the seance.

I was given a first-hand account by ISF secretary-Margaret Wilson.  She sat on one side of the cabinet.  SNU Secretary Ronald Baker was on the other.  As Gordon became entranced, his chair moved to the back of the cabinet.  Ectoplasm, said Margaret, did not take long to appear.  At one point she had to move her feet as it trailed from the cabinet.  A red light was on all the time.

Margaret could see Gordon’s shoes sticking out from beneath the cabinet curtains.  As further evidence, the 90 sitters saw Gordon emerge and stand beside a fully materialised form.  One communicator sought three Mabels.  Paddy, Gordon’s guide, singled out Mabel Sherwood of Bermuda who is putting Spiritualism on the map there.  Her “dead” husband appeared.  The materialisations, said Margaret, were “excellent,  the voices were also clear.”

ISF council Member Mary Nemtzoglou was greeted by her “dead” husband.  Searching for her, he left the cabinet and spoke in Greek.  Margaret Wilson noted his figure was taller and slimmer than Gordon’s.  After giving a Greek address, the “dead” man followed with unusual evidence.  He told his wife she would find some threads missing from part of her clothing.  This was later confirmed.

Medium Robin Stevens, SNU London District Council President, who spent a day at Stansted, took part in an ESP test.  He concentrated on one room at the college and wrote down 25 facts concerning the person he “knew” would later occupy a place there.  After checking, 18 were found to be correct.  The remainder referred to a person in the adjoining room.

Psychic artist Ivor James’ demonstration was combined with clairvoyance by two mediums.  The 12 pictures he drew were all recognised.  A Reading, Berks, visitor had “eyes like saucers” on seeing her “dead” father’s sketch.  She also received survival evidence from her husband.  He mentioned the four flower shops he owned, adding they had been sold since be passed on.

Source: Psychic News, 7th September 1974


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