Spiritualism Can Unite Nations

Gordon Higginson was deeply passionate about his religion of Spiritualism, believing it has so much to offer the world.  In this abridged extract from his biography On the Side of Angels, Gordon talks about the understanding Spiritualism can offer, saying that one of its purposes “is to unite nations together, not to divide them” and that “Spiritualism is about life, not death.”


There has always been a Spiritualism, not as we understand it today, but contact with the higher forces of the spirit world, going as far back as Abraham.  He was a medium, a prophet, a seer, chosen to do the work of Spirit because the Lord, Yaweh, spoke to him.

Abraham was given directions of how to lead his people. He heard voices and saw angels as did so many in both the Old and, to some extent, the New Testament.  Mohammed had visions.  He too heard voices; he hid under a cloak or went into a dark cave.  The Patriarchs entered the Inner Temple whilst the disciples with Jesus went up at dusk into lonely places.  Unless you think of Spiritualism and experience Spiritualism, you cannot understand the old religions.  They are full and rich with spiritual experiences as known and understood by Spiritualists.

In the Past, mediums were burned at the stake and persecuted because priests wanted to suppress the truth.  They wanted people to believe in a heaven with pearly gates and clouds, harps and all such things.  The priests spread the word about a hell, where, if you didn’t obey certain rules, you would suffer through fire and brimstone.  Such silly ideas!

All that has been cleared away because the knowledge of Spiritualism has brought an understanding of truth into today’s minds and a recognition of how things really are.

The two most wonderful experiences of anyone’s life are birth and death.  The soul is born to this earth to find individuality and personality.  The real you is not what is seen in the mirror, but what is inside of the body, the self.  You are born here and will live, but will not die because there is no death.  You are spirit and mind first and body second so it behoves you to learn as much as possible about your real self in the meantime.

I believe that the life of Jesus came about 2,000 years ago to give hope to those who had given it up; to free those  who lived in virtual slavery; to help them to evolve on to higher spiritual levels upon the earth.

Likewise, I believe the world today needs the message Spiritualism can offer. Spiritualism began in the simple way with simple folk as did the message of Jesus and all the great past masters.

The idea of Spiritualism is to unite nations together, not to divide them.  Spiritualism is about life, not death.  It is not a religion that forces itself upon you, which tells you that you cannot do this and you cannot do that, or unless you do this or you do that you cannot survive.  Survival after does not depend upon your religion or what teacher you follow.  Similarly, survival does not depend upon whether you are a saint or a sinner, an atheist or Christian, a Jew, Muslim or Buddhist.

It makes no difference.  Your heaven will be what you have made of it.  You can only reap what you have sown.  Spiritualism gives the key to life as no other movement can.  It shows you the way.

Spiritualism tells you that God is not a man or a woman.  God is power and influence in the world, an invincible power which in the beginning created the whole.  There is a great mind of which we know so little about, a mind that knows no creed, no dogma.

We do not need anyone to intercede for us with God. We teach people to go to God alone.  It is their God equally with priests, ministers or whoever their mentor may be.  Each person can move towards this power.  The body is the temple of the spirit. The Spirit abides within you.  It is part of the creative force itself.

Today we live in what men choose to call a practical age.  Few pause to consider that the everyday wonders of our time are but the crystallised dreams of yesterday.

Our pioneers searched the heavens.  They refused to accept that in the sweet bye and bye we would meet on some distant shore.  They wanted evidence now to convince them to live their life according to the laws of God.

They searched and found their loved ones on the highway of eternity, waiting for them.  They could not come to us until we would accept them.  They had tried, but always been turned away because we had been taught that to communicate with the dead is evil.

We found that our loved ones had long persevered to make that contact, but those they wished to greet were afraid of the damnation promised to those who drew aside the veil.  The church had promoted that fear for their own ends.  But in the end, the truth had to be shown.

Through the two girls who devised their code to speak with the spirit world, and thereby ushered in Modern Spiritualism, the era of superstition drew to its end. Can anyone honestly believe that it was coincidence? The thread of God’s power through His ministering angels is strong and bright.

The channels that could enlighten mankind as never before were found.  The love that never dies was manifest again, here upon the earth.  If Spiritualism has done just one thing, it is that it has made heaven not a place, but a state of consciousness.

We must move away from old ideas such as leaving the dead alone.  How can we leave the dead when we have proved there are no dead?  How can we leave those who love us, whose only fault is that they no longer have a body?

Those who have passed have gone beyond that untruth and know that they still live. It is only the physical which dies since the soul continues to exist and live.  That is where love is such a powerful experience.  It is love that breaks through the barriers, that tears the veil from the eye of the-earthly body.

It is wrong of anyone to condemn those things about Spiritualism without reason, without fact, and very often without knowledge.

Some have claimed that investigation into Spiritualism sends people mad and fills asylums.  Papers tried to prove this – only to find that there are more from other religions who suffer in this way!

My experience of Spiritualism has been that it has prevented, not caused, harm.  It has helped; it restores faith and gives access to truth.  I have often found that knowledge of Spiritualism has actually helped those from other religions to understand their own traditions more clearly.

So many see only what they want to see, closing their ears to those things they do not want to know.  They exist within their narrow frame and ignore the extent of God’s power and wisdom.

We must get rid of this idea that heaven is a place or hell is a place. We must teach that these are levels of consciousness.  Similarly, we must get a clear interpretation of what the afterlife is like to help more people to get rid of their fears so they can live good lives.  It is so important we remember that we are spirit now.

So often we speak of spirit people “coming back.”  They don’t go anywhere; they don’t come back from anywhere.  They are here all around us, but in another dimension.

The spirit writings of the Christian and many great religions are declared by their sects to be the word of God.  Yet the spirit writings of Spiritualism are deemed to be from the subconscious or imagination.  I do not see the difference.  I do not give all credence to any writing just because it is declared to be on behalf of something in which I believe.

Many of the so-called spirit writings produced in the name of Spiritualism have within them as many faults and mis-statements as those of old which are venerated because of their stated source rather than. their rational content.

We cannot, should not, reduce everything to the rational, but we must apply a certain logic when assessing the work of any medium, be they from ancient times or from this era.

We have discovered a world within this one.  The more we explore this, the closer it comes.  We speak of our loved ones in the past.  In our mind we confine them to the past.  All this must go, for we know that they live on and can come close to us here and now. They are not in the past unless we think them to be gone.

With all religious philosophies there are areas which cannot be explained.  Most say they have explained and that which has no rational explanation must be taken on faith.  At least Spiritualists have some sense and realise there are many things which cannot be understood by the earth mind.  The earth mind simply does not have the points of reference necessary to understand all the wonders.

What we have to try and understand and accept is that there is this wonderful power of love, and that as we make progress so we will understand more about this power.

What we do know is that we are spiritual beings in a body. The evidences support that as a fact through all the ages. All the great philosophers and teachers came to this conclusion.

In religion, you must remain where your heart is.  There should be no argument between religions, certainly not with the Spiritualist.  I do not think that it is the right religion for everybody.

Spiritualism is the greatest challenge to life. There will be tests – and this is right. We must face the most serious questions about God and life.

If you have taken your religion seriously and learned about more than those things of the present, more than just the surface, then you will meet the challenge, face the test and emerge from sorrow and pain a stronger person, a stronger spirit.

Spiritualists do not have a special knowledge of why their loved ones are taken at the time of parting, but possess the knowledge of continuous life.  The Spiritualist does at least know that no life is wasted, no experience is wasted, although we cannot see the whole pattern.

From Two Worlds March 2002 / On the Side of Angels


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