President’s New Year Message 1990


We have seen during this century how the spiritual leadership of orthodox Christianity has been defeated by the facts of modern science, which have contradicted and exploded the myths and dogmas of the Church.  What now remain are the ruins of the Christian Church.  They fear to change lest the people realise that for centuries the teachings of orthodoxy have been wrong.  So they stick to their childish myths.

Let us therefore demonstrate our facts and expound our teachings in a sane, natural and intelligent manner.  Let us have vision and realise in the great changes that are rapidly taking place in the world that the hour has struck for a great advance of our movement towards a spiritual leadership of mankind.

Now is the time to strike and make a great call to the masses to listen to our teachings concerning life, both here and hereafter.  Let us initiate a great spiritual revival in the world.

We need have no doubt of success, no apprehensions concerning our facts, no hesitation in our teachings, for we have a revelation calculated to stir the souls and win the following of a generation which is scientifically minded and realistic in its outlook.

This then is the great moment for Spiritualism!  For one hundred years the Spiritualists National Union has propagated the Seven Principles of Modern Spiritualism.  We have accumulated our evidences, thrashed out the pros and cons of our philosophy and confirmed our religious principles.  The time has arrived when we can consolidate, clarify our teachings and marshal our forces for a new bold forward march with the objective of a new spiritual leadership of the people.

The need of the hour is vision.  Spiritualism can provide our present-day world with a progressive, virile spiritual leadership.  The Spiritualists National Union is therefore determined to provide the way ahead to the vanguard of our movement.  Unless we can lead and show the way forward, then we fail those who paved the way for us one hundred years ago.  This then must be our greatest moment.  We can celebrate our centenary by blazing a trail.

The need of the world is a spiritual need.  We have the facts, the teaching, the guidance from the spirit world.  Then let us march together.

Mr. Arthur Findlay’s contention is that the revelation of Spiritualism is self-sufficient in its teachings and owes nothing to orthodoxy, having been established on modern proven facts.

A fundamental social change has come over the world, which is rapidly merging itself into one great whole in a material sense.  We need only to think of the changes that have taken place since the 1980’s to realise this.

We have a great part to play in this New Age which is now dawning.


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