Entering The New Age

Although he was a prolific speaker, written articles by Gordon Higginson are rare.  In this article Gordon talks about past-life regression, the state of world affairs and the role of Spiritualism in the New Age.   Whilst written over 25 years ago, it still remains as relevant now as it was at the time of writing.


I find the subject of regression rather fascinating.  Of course, we do not allow for reincarnation to be used as a basis for teaching in National Spiritualism.  This is because it cannot be proved to reasonable satisfaction.

The fact that once we accept the wonderful detail which can be given by spirit communicators, we can no longer completely prove reincarnation.

We know some mediums have the ability to allow spirit entities to come close within their auric field and strongly to influence their mind and temporarily share memories with them.  Are these memories of when they too lived on earth? Well, of course they are because that is how they prove their past identity.

Are those who are hypnotised or induced into a state where regression takes place remembering their own experience or is there another identity being imposed upon their mind as a memory?

I do not say that regression is not true, but I wonder that it is not handled in a different way.  It surprises me that so much interest is given to the life that was led on the earth and so little in where we were before the soul entered upon the earth again.

If regression were to give us this answer, I would be far more interested. I f we have moved from one body straight into this, then the Buddhists are right and it is a transmigration of the soul rather than the Spiritualist teaching. Then all communications we receive must be fraudulent.

This is not so because we have proved otherwise.  I do think there are so many things we have to explore and find out about.

Spiritualism says you go into the etheric world and, while there, find out what the sum total of your life has meant.

You are given the opportunity to assess, as it were.  To look at all the things you have learnt and some of those you did not learn; what you did with the talents you had, and what you did in caring and loving and using your life.

I think this is going to be quite an experience for some of us, especially those who concentrated upon the material things and became rich and successful, but missed all the beautiful experiences, the spiritual experiences …

It is also true to say we are entering into a new age.  The evolution of culture and civilisation is categorised within ages when a certain kind of activity is predominant.

The Seventies were called the “Space Age” because of man’s amazing landings upon the moon and exploration of other planets.  The Eighties – what were they?  Perhaps the age of hope, of a realisation of personal responsibility.  We saw so many terrible atrocities and yet we also saw the beginning of disarmament and the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

Though man has advanced in scientific knowledge and technology beyond all expectation, it is true to say that this is an age in which God has been largely excluded.  God’s influence can be repelled as easily as it can be attracted because we have been given freewill.

Man has asserted his disastrous independence of God, which ultimately results in bloodshed and terror.  Today’s scientists and technologists are capable of unleashing forces against which modern society would have little chance of survival.  We have seen what devastation can be visited upon our atmosphere by the unthinking and uncaring greed of a few.

Politicians constantly remind us of the threat to the world’s peace by massing such forces.  Yet they do little to bring a balance into this world.  Rich countries have so much that they destroy food rather than pay for it to be taken to those who die of hunger.

Millions of people who have been murdered over the centuries in the names of freedom, justice and peace must look to our world from their higher state of life and wonder at the futility of it all.

Spiritualism was aroused to awaken man to his responsibilities.  Spirit guides returned to give their message of love and compassion.  It should be our deep-rooted desire to improve the lives of all people, whatever their race, class or creed.

If we have found in Spiritualism the truth of man’s purpose here in life and his relationship with the whole cosmic force of the universe, let us act now, before it is too late.  Let us put aside the prejudices, jealousies and constant bickering and work in unity.

Either Spiritualism fulfils its purpose now or it goes the way of all other world religions.  The way is now open for us to achieve the purpose that was begun over a century ago.  Let not our pioneers’ sacrifices be made in vain

Spiritualism is the light of the world.  Let this be the “Age of Enlightenment.”

During the last war, spirit guides like the beloved Red Cloud and Silver Birch returned with light and knowledge.  Their teachings brought comfort to thousands of grieving hearts, a new way of life and a realisation of God’s love to all mankind’s family.

I see our young people reaching out in desperation.  They want a different way; they look for the things of the spirit in their own fashion.  It is not always our fashion for we are of a different era and our earthly values were shaped in a different age.

They resort to the use of drugs to give them the illusion of happiness, of a “high.”  If they only knew that happiness and “high” are theirs by right, but not by mindless drug taking. Train their minds.  Give them knowledge.  Teach them about meditation and the glory of the spirit world.   Drugs are not needed.

Sometimes in their desperation, the young grasp at an ideal, but do not have the understanding to bring it into a reality for all mankind. They are selfish.  But that . is a fault of youth and always has been.  Perhaps it is a deep-rooted motivating factor to go forward into evolution.

There is a common ground. That is in Spirit and in the spiritual essence that is in each person.  We must seek out these values in our young and encourage them to investigate.

Today, there is a longing for a voice authoritative enough to bring together all men and women of goodwill, calling them to the great spiritual adventure of building a new world as we enter the. New Age.

The door to spiritual vista will open when we allow the flow of inner impressions to break into our souls and guide our lives – when we bring the love of God and the deep inner desire to serve only God into our lives.

In this state of awareness, there is inspiration from those in the spirit life.  We must not fail them in their endeavour to bring the Kingdom of Heaven onto this earth.

Source: Two Worlds, May 2002


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