Young Parkins Recollects

This is an interesting report about Gordon Higginson’s mediumship.  It is written from the perspective of the spirit communicator who worked through Gordon to reach his mother at a Spiritualist meeting.  It gives us fascinating insight into how Gordon’s mediumship worked and the quality and accuracy of his clairaudience. Here is the article in full:

Parkins was a young man of 25 when his earth life was suddenly cut short and he found himself precipitated into the spirit world, to the great sorrow of his mother.  Time passed wearily by until one Wednesday evening Mrs. Parkins visited Birmingham National Spiritualist Church.  Gordon Higginson of Longton, was demonstrating clairvoyance when young Parkins came along.

“That person sitting there” he told Higginson, indicating a woman in the audience, “is my mother, Alice.  Mention Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield, to her, and also the name of Arthur.”  Higginson relayed these words and received joyful acknowledgment from Mrs. Parkins.  Arthur was her husband, she said.  “Remind Mum that I used to live at 42,” said Parkins, “and tell her that I remember Helen and Ada and Mr. and Mrs. Nunn who lived nearby.”  Mrs. Parkins recalled all these people.

Young Parkins then tried Higginson with names more difficult.  That was how the medium came to ask Mrs. Parkins if she knew a boy named Gansler, who was killed in the war, and also someone her son knew who lived in Golderlie Road, Sutton Coldfield.  He recalled another friend who lived near a church situated on the Birmingham Road; it was called Emmanuel Church.  His friend had lived behind the church in Emmanuel Road and Birmingham Road led to it.  The medium took this in his stride and Mrs. Parkins had to agree that it was all correct.

The contact was drawing to a close but young Parkins could not go without a word of remembrance to the young girl of whom he was very fond and who was connected with Jockey Road.   Having thus, with the assistance of Gordon Higginson, provided some remarkable evidence of his survival young Parkins took his departure to the spirit spheres.   

But wait, wasn’t there something he had forgotten?  Yes, there was.  He returned to the medium but Higginson did not seem to be talking to his mother any longer, so Parkins waited.  He went on waiting and then right at the end of the meeting he managed to catch Higginson’s ear again.  “Tell my Mum it was St. Bernard’s Road where I lived,” he said.  “That completed his full address,” the mother observed later.

Source: Psychic News, 20th August 1949


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