I Saw and Touched Materialised Form

This fascinating article from Psychic News is a firsthand account of what took place during one of Gordon’s physical mediumship séances at Stansted Hall in June 1972.  Not only was it amazing that materialised spirit forms walked from the cabinet and spoke with their loved ones in the audience, but this was accompanied by detailed survival evidence given by Gordon’s guide Paddy.  

‘I Saw and Touched Materialised Form’ – This Fulfils Spirit Promise Made Over 20 Years Ago

We received last week a dramatic account of how a spirit promise, given to an experienced Spiritualist over 20 years ago, was fulfilled at a Gordon Higginson materialisation séance.

The account comes from Spiritualist minister Mrs Ruth Lewis, of Mayfield Road, Sanderstead, Surrey. Mrs Lewis writes her account after hearing a tape recording of this amazing séance.

Ruth Lewis

During 42 years’ intensive investigation of the subject, “I have experienced all types of psychic phenomena apart from materialisation.” The spirit promise was that Ruth would witness, and even touch, a materialised form.

This took place at a Stansted Hall (Essex) public séance on June 28th before 70 witnesses. Ruth sat next to the cabinet in which the entranced Gordon sat.

The curtain was drawn back to show the medium’s child guide’s materialised form sitting on his knee, with one arm round his neck.

Ectoplasm handled

She said’, “Can you see me Ruth? Give me your hand.”  “Taking my hand,” says Ruth, “she placed it on her other hand which embraced Gordon’s neck, I felt the pulsating movement of living ectoplasm.”

As Ruth held aside the curtain enabling other sitters to see inside the cabinet, the child guide manipulated the ectoplasm to show another materialised form standing by Gordon’s side.  “There was a broad rod of ectoplasm coming from the medium’s mouth, which was attached to the materialisation.”

As the spirit forms came from the cabinet they addressed sitters they knew.  “A voice box had been built to enable the voices to be heard by everyone.  The voices were individual and immediately recognised by recipients,”

Ruth was told “a Mr Waterfall is here.  He went down with his ship.”  This she recognised as a friend who passed on in this manner 25 years ago.

Her “dead” brother then materialised beside the medium.  Gordon’s Irish guide, Paddy, apparently in charge of the proceedings, said: “Isn’t that fine now? We’ll stand Gordon up and let you see both of them together.  Isn’t it nice to have company in the cabinet?”

Ruth says this “was indeed a great revelation” to her.  She finds it difficult to convey the spirit entities’ delight as they came from the cabinet.  “They expressed their wonder with: ‘I am alive! Can you see me?’ Bending and leaning close to my face, they then turned to their loved ones, addressing them by name and announcing their identity.”

Mrs Win Wilson of Croydon, Surrey, a member of Ruth’s circle, was overcome with joy when her husband and his mother manifested.   Her mother-in-law materialised first, calling for Win.  Asked if her son was with her, this entity said, “I. will go and get him.”  As she returned to the cabinet she said, “I don’t want to go back.”  Then Mrs Wilson’s husband materialised and walked from the cabinet.  “Win, Win, it’s me, Doug” he exclaimed.

It was indeed a very poignant occasion,” says Ruth.  This was Mrs Wilson’s first meeting with the medium.  He had no knowledge of her life or circumstances.”

Emotion controlled

After Doug dematerialised before their eyes, Paddy gave added conclusive survival evidence.  This included the house number where Mrs Wilson and her son live and many other personal details.

Ruth says she is a trained observer.  “My emotions were under control. Therefore my observations were divorced from the charged atmosphere.”

Gordon agreed to being searched before he entered the séance room.  There was nothing in the cabinet, says Ruth, not even any padded cushions.

During the entire séance, Gordon’s heavy rhythmic breathing could be heard, as ectoplasm was seen flowing from his solar plexus, mouth and nose.  The two guides’ voices, quite different from each other, frequently overlapped, Ruth says, to the constant background of the entranced medium’s deep breathing.

“I write my report,” Ruth sums up, “after listening to the tape-recording of this amazing séance.  “I have heard again the wonderful proof that there are no dead.  The spirit people have been tested – and they do not lie.”

Source: Psychic News, 15th July 1972


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