His Clairvoyance Has Fascinating Spirit Technique

This is an article from Psychic News from January 1972, in which Maurice Barbanell reports on a demonstration of mediumship by Gordon Higginson.  He highlights the factual accuracy and depth of Gordon’s evidence when demonstrating survival.  In addition, he mentions the small details which seem simple, but no doubt are very meaningful to the recipients who received messages from their loved ones.  This report is a fascinating insight into the quality and calibre of Gordon’s mediumship.


It was fascinating to watch the spirit technique used when Gordon Higginson gave clairvoyance at a public meeting in Eltham, SE London, last week.

He began by telling recipients he did not want them to make anything fit and to accept the evidence only when it was accurate.

Then there came communicators’ full names, streets where they lived, numbers of houses and other links in the chain of cumulative Survival proofs.

All falls into place

Sometimes only part of all this was immediately identified. Then as more facts were given, everything finally fell into its right place.

A typical case was his initial difficulty in placing a communicator, John Elliott, who died in a mine accident. It took the recital of Admiral Seymour Road, Rochester Way, what sounded like Glenleigh Road, the name of Moore and the number 487 to clinch Elliott’s identity.

The recipient said that she had lived at a house numbered 487 in one of the roads mentioned, and the others she could place. Even so, to make sure, without doubt, he had the right person, Gordon asked, “Does your surname begin with B?”- “Yes.” “Is it similar to someone who was in the House of Commons?” – “Yes.” “Aneurin Bevan?” The woman laughingly agreed.

In his one hour of clairvoyance he included a communicator, John, who was asking for Ronald Rothwell, only to hear this passing had occurred a week earlier.

There were homely touches

To a woman whose husband returned, Gordon asked “Why can I taste mints?” She answered, “He was very fond of peppermints.”

She nodded in agreement when Gordon said, “You still have the small coin with which you would never part.” She laughed when he said that at the beginning of the year she turned it over for luck.

Coincidentally there were three presidents on the platform, Gordon from the SNU, Harold Cooper from its London District Council and Jack Calway of Eltham Spiritualist Church which organised the meeting as part of its golden jubilee celebrations.

Letter is theme

I made the theme of my address an anonymous letter, handed to me when I arrived. It came from a woman who said she was attracted because the title of my speech was, “You live after you die.”

She mentioned her own tragedy, the recent passing of a loved one, without giving any identity clues. She ended by saying that, though bereaved, she was hopeful of getting evidence of the after-life.

I do not think she did that night. But I urged her, and all newcomers present, to make their own inquiry. Spiritualism, I stressed, rested on personal conviction obtained after investigation.

Source: Psychic News, 29th January 1972


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