Trance Demonstration Video 1991

Here is a rare video of a trance demonstration by Gordon Higginson which took place in the Library of Stansted Hall on 11th April 1991.  Although many of his trance demonstrations were recorded on audio tape, this is one of only two that were recorded on video.  The recording lasts approximately 1 hour 18 minutes and is well worth watching to experience Gordon’s trance work.

The demonstration begins with a trance address by Choo Chow, an oriental guide who shares philosophy and teaching.  This is followed by trance clairvoyance given by Gordon’s Irish guide Paddy with his trademark humour.  Trance clairvoyance is where the spirit guide acts as the medium bringing forward information from those in spirit.

After the introduction, the light in the library was turned off leaving only the daylight from the windows.  The video therefore starts off with some light but becomes progressively darker as the evening progresses and ends with almost total darkness.   As with many video recordings of this era, both the video and sound quality are not very good compared to modern recorders.  Also since camcorder tapes were limited to 30 minutes, the recording was spread across 3 tapes and there is a loss of continuity where the tapes are swapped in the camcorder.

The video was recorded by Eric Williams (also known as Peter Williams) and we are grateful to Eric for making this valuable recording available to us all.

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