Trance Demonstration July 1987

Here is a trance demonstration by Gordon which took place on 1st July 1987. The location is not known but was most likely Stansted Hall.


The demonstration begins with a trance address by Choo Chow, an oriental guide who shares philosophy and teaching. This is followed by trance clairvoyance given by Gordon’s Irish guide Paddy with his trademark humour. Trance Clairvoyance is rare form of trance where the spirit guide acts as the medium bringing forward information from those in spirit.


The recording lasts 42 minutes and is of excellent quality. It is one of the best quality recordings of Gordon’s trance I have come across. It is well worth a listen to experience the quality of Gordon’s trance work.


You can play the recording in the media player below by clicking on the play button on the left or you can download it as an mp3 file by clicking on the purple title.  I hope you enjoy it.


Trance Demonstration July 1987




Alternatively, you can listen to the recording on YouTube by clicking on the link below:





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