Talk on Circle Work

Would you like to know the types of circles that Gordon Higginson recommended to train mediums?  Well you are in luck as he discusses this and more in this talk on circle work.  It was recorded in the Library at Stansted Hall in the early 1980s and runs for 30 minutes.


In it, Gordon explains about the different types of circles and how they should be used for developing mediumship.  He discusses the differences between meditation circles, developing circles and home circles and when each is needed during a medium’s development.  He also discusses the right type of circle for absent healing.  He talks about opening up and closing down plus the importance discipline.  He also explains the need to push mediums to reach their full potential, which he illustrates by talking about how he steered the development of Gerard Smith who is one of the finest mediums demonstrating today.  He shares how he gave Gerard the most challenging of sitters to push him with his mediumship!


Gordon was one of our finest mediums and he trained many excellent mediums.  This recording gives us a unique insight into how he believed mediumship should be developed as well as some of his training methods.  As with many tape recordings of this era, the quality is not that good.  In addition, it was recorded during a tutorial where some of the students are working so you can hear some voices in the background.  That said, it is a recording of significant historical interest and is well worth a listen for a fascinating insight into how Gordon helped train mediums.



You can play the lecture in the media player below by clicking on the play button on the left or you can download it as an mp3 file by clicking on the purple lecture title.  I hope you enjoy it.


Talk on Circle Work, Stansted Hall (30 mins)


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