Radio Interview From 1985

This is a radio interview Gordon Higginson did in 1985 for a local radio station in Dorset. It is of excellent quality and runs for 26 minutes.


In this powerful and wide-ranging interview, Gordon discusses how Spiritualism differs from orthodox religions and the benefits it offers. He talks about the difference between psychics and mediums and how he was trained by his mother from an early age. He also gives us some insight into how his own mediumship functions. He then goes on to explain about personal responsibility and how Spiritualism can help the bereaved.


This is one of the best interviews with Gordon I have heard as he covers so much material and the quality of the recording is excellent. It is well worth a listen and it gives us insight into the importance of both Spiritualism and mediumship to Gordon himself.


You can play the interview in the media player below by clicking on the play button on the left or you can download it as an mp3 file by clicking on the purple title.  I hope you enjoy it.


Radio Interview From 1985


Alternatively, you can listen to the interview on YouTube by clicking on the link below:



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