Meditation and Lecture on Oneness with God (Sitting for Spirit)

This is a wonderful meditation and short lecture by Gordon Higginson all about Oneness with God and sitting for spirit.  It was recorded at Stansted Hall and runs for 28 minutes.  In it, Gordon gives us the wonderful spiritual key that to develop ourselves, we need to spend time sitting in the presence of spirit and achieve oneness with God.

In this powerful meditation, Gordon talks us through the 4 stages needed to achieve Oneness with God.  These comprise entering the silence, moving to awareness, touching the presence and finally achieving oneness with God.  It is up to the sitter to work through these stages in silent meditation. The silent meditation that follows lasts for 10 minutes. However, many sessions of meditation will be needed to achieve this.

The short lecture that follows on “Oneness with God” is one of the best I have heard.  It should be required listening for all those interested in spiritual development.  In it, Gordon explains that to become a better medium, we need to spiritualise ourselves and develop a relationship with God.  By spending time sitting in the presence of God, we develop the spiritual aspect of self and unfold the spiritual qualities inherent within us.

The recording is of excellent quality and well worth a listen.  I am grateful to Tony Illstone for recording this gem.  I do hope you enjoy it and please feel free to share.

You can play the interview in the media player below by clicking on the play button on the left, or you can download it as an mp3 file by clicking on the purple title.

Meditation and Lecture on Oneness With God


Alternatively, you can listen to the lecture on YouTube by clicking on the link below:


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