New Website Launched

I am pleased to announce that this new Gordon Higginson Tribute website is now complete and all of the content has been transferred from the old website.   The old website was built in 2008 and served us well for 10 years.  It has now been gracefully retired.  The old website was built with a website builder that used Adobe Flash.  Flash is being phased out by 2020 and many browsers are removing support.  So there was an urgent need to move the website to a new platform and rebuild it from scratch.

This new website has been built on WordPress.  This is the world’s most popular blogging and content management platform as it powers over 30% of the internet.  As such, this new website should see us well into the future for at least another decade.

I expected the process of transferring and rebuilding to take a few weeks but it was a much bigger job than I expected so thanks for bearing with me.   The delay was due to the sheer quantity of content that I had added to the site over the years since it was launched, which all had to be manually transferred.  The website currently has 21 videos, 37 audios, 20 articles and 60 photos.   That’s more than enough content to keep you busy for a week or more!  It is also a fantastic resource for those wishing to learn about Gordon and hear his teachings.   I am planning to add more content over the coming months and years.

Do take a look around and I hope you enjoy this new site.

Martin Twycross

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