Lecture on Developing Physical Mediumship

Here is a short lecture by Gordon on developing physical mediumship.  It was recorded in the Library at Stansted Hall in the early 1980s and runs for 31 minutes.  In this wide-ranging lecture, Gordon discusses how a physical circle should be run, the role of sitters, the development of phenomena and how materialisation occurs.  He also discusses some of the nonsense around chakras in mediumship, the importance of developing trance before starting to sit for physical, what happens during trance, and the physical mediumship of Florence Cook.


Gordon was one of the finest physical mediums of the last 50 years so is uniquely well qualified to speak on this topic.  As with many tape recordings of this era, the quality is not ideal.  That said, it is well worth a listen and gives us valuable information on how to develop this rare form of mediumship.


You can play the lecture in the media player below by clicking on the play button on the left or you can download it as an mp3 file by clicking on the purple lecture title.


Developing Physical Mediumship, Stansted Hall  (31 mins)



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