Glyn Edwards Talking About Gordon’s Mediumship

Here is something very special. In this recording, Glyn Edwards shares some memories of Gordon’s demonstrations. Glyn was mentored by Gordon and did many public demonstrations with him, so was able to witness the quality of his mediumship first hand.

Glyn shares some of the amazing evidence that Gordon gave in his public demonstrations. He highlights the brilliance of Gordon’s mediumship, and both the depth and quality of evidence he was able to bring through. Most of all it demonstrates the intelligence of spirit and the power of mediumship.

The recordings were made at Glyn’s home in 2012 as part of the background to Glyn’s book ‘The Potential of Mediumship’. They were recorded on a small portable recorder and there is some background noise. Nonetheless, these valuable memories give us a fascinating insight into the quality of Gordon’s mediumship.

The recordings were made by and provided with kind regards by Stephen Wollaston (also known as Santoshan). Stephen was a good friend of both Gordon and Glyn and, and co-authored or compiled all of Glyn’s books.

You can play the interview in the media player below by clicking on the play button on the left of the player, or you can download it as an mp3 file by clicking on the purple title.

Glyn Edwards Talking About Gordon’s Mediumship


Alternatively, you can listen to the lecture on YouTube by clicking on the link below:


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