Gordon Higginson - Spiritualist Medium & Teacher

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Video footage of Gordon is very rare and we have collected together all available footage of Gordon demonstrating and teaching and made it available on the following pages.  The majority of the footage was shot by amateurs on camcorders of the day and the video and sound quality are not always the best.  Nonetheless it gives us a fascinating insight into Gordon and his work.


We are very grateful to all those who made the video recordings and those who have supplied them to us to share on this site.  In particular, thanks are given to Eric (Peter) Williams and Graham Chilvers for supplying the video footage of Gordon they made.


If you know of any video footage of Gordon which we do not have, we would love to get a copy.


Videos are available of Gordon speaking, demonstrating and teaching on the following pages.  Please enjoy!

Video Recordings 1 Video Recordings 2 Video Recordings 3