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Presidential Addresses and Messages

As the President of the Spiritualist's National Union, Gordon used his role as an opportunity to spread his teachings and philosophy to a wider audience.  He frequently used his Presidential addresses at the SNU annual general meeting (AGM) and the New Year Messages to share his knowledge and inspire others, to foster closer union amongst Spiritualists and to further the movement of Spiritualism.  I am hoping to compile here all of the messages which were regularly circulated to all members of the SNU.  The SNU Head Office does not hold copies of them all, although I have been able to obtain some of the later ones and these have been uploaded to the website below:  


If you have copies of presidential addresses or new year messages from 1989 or earlier, I would very much like to obtain copies of them for inclusion here.


The uploaded Presidential Addresses and New Year Messages can be accessed by clicking on the relevant links below:

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Presidential Addresses

New Year Messages