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His Teachings & Philosophy

During his life, Gordon was always very much in demand for his teachings due to his vast knowledge of both mediumship and Spiritualism.  As well as his regular teaching work at the Arthur Findlay College, he regularly taught at numerous other venues in the UK.  Some of his lectures were recorded by the students present and this has served to preserve a number of his teachings.


One of the main aims of this website is to preserve Gordon's teachings and make them available to a wider audience.  To this end, I am trying to source recordings of Gordon's lectures and demonstrations so that they can be cleaned up, digitised and  made available to today's audience.  See the "Help Needed" page on the left for more details of this project.


Also as the President of the Spiritualist's National Union, Gordon used his role as an opportunity to spread his teachings and philosophy to a wider audience.  He frequently used his Presidential addresses at the annual AGM and the New Year Messages to share his knowledge and inspire others, to foster closer union amongst Spiritualists and to further the movement of Spiritualism.  I am therefore seeking to obtain copies of his Presidential Addresses and New Year's Messages which were regularly circulated to all members of the SNU.   Copies of the presidential mesages obtained to date can be accessed by clicking on the link below:




Finally, it is hoped that articles written by Gordon and transcripts of some of Gordon's teachings can be uploaded on this website and also be compiled together for those who would be interested.  Again, if you have any written copies of his teachings or transcripts of recordings, I would very much like to obtain a copy.   Some articles written by Gordon can be accessed by clicking on the link below:




Please note that this website is non-commercial and is not designed to be profit making.  Its main purpose is to allow access to information on Gordon, his life and his teachings in the hope that they will inspire and motivate others.


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