Gordon Higginson - Spiritualist Medium & Teacher

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The ultimate aim of this website is to preserve the memory of Gordon Higginson, showcase his mediumship, preserve his teachings as well as distribute them to a wider audience.   This website is non-commercial and is not designed to be profit making.  Its main purpose is to allow access to information on Gordon, his life and his teachings in the hope that they will inspire and motivate others.


It is a shame that many recordings of this great medium and teacher remain difficult to access and are not readily available to today's students and those interested in his mediumship since they remain as relevant now as the time when they were first spoken.


My ultimate aim is to compile together available audio and video recordings of Gordon demonstrating and teaching and make them available to all who would like to see or hear this great man.   It is intended that copies of all audio recordings of lectures and demonstrations without copyright and of reasonable sound quality be made available on this site as digital media files for free download. Such files can be played on computers and portable devices such as iPods.


Many of the audio recordings I have collected to date are of poor quality in their original form and make it difficult to listen to Gordon speaking.   I have some audio cleaning and enhancing software which I have used to clean up some  of these recordings to make them clearer but it is labour intensive work.


If you have any audio or video recordings of Gordon demonstrating, giving lectures or talking, I would very much like to obtain copies for inclusion in this project.  As a thank you, I will provide you with a digitised copy of your recording on CD or DVD.


I am passionate about keeping the memory of Gordon alive and ensuring that copies of his work are not lost to Spiritualism.  To this end, digitised copies of the recordings I receive will be donated to the Britten Memorial Museum at the end of the project to ensure they are placed in the relevant collections for future reference.


In addition, if you have good quality photographs of Gordon and you would be happy for me to post them on this website, I would very much like copies or scans.  You can send hard copies to me by mail for me to scan and  return them.


To contact me, please use the contact form on the Contact page.